Department of Psychology


Mr Arsalan Haider
Lecturer / HoD
Zoya Khan
Ms. Usra



The Department of Psychology is formed with vision to produce knowledgeable, self-aware, thoughtful, responsible and well-adjusted individuals who are responsive to the needs of rapidly changing social world. To achieve these objectives, the Department of Psychology endeavors to enhance the understanding of students about social, environmental and cultural factors relevant to mental health and also to enable them apply this knowledge in their own lives and in the society at large for better adjustment and learning. The department of Psychology strives to promote the scientific discipline of Psychology through the established and relevant programs. Psychology, being an emerging field globally, is mainly concerned with human behavior and mental processes. By the latest scientific advancements in the mental evolution of the human race, studying consciousness is an extremely interesting area, not only for Psychologists but for many other disciplines. Psychology is influential in almost every walk of life. Its applications are found in educational institutions, armed forces,organization, hospitals, industries, rehabilitation centers, law enforcement agenciesetc. For such students, a BS in psychology offers a broad liberal arts background. The psychology curriculum introduces students to the basic scientific and applied areas of the discipline. It emphasizes theories, methods, and terminology, as well as research findings in each of psychology’s major subareas. Students learn about various research methods used to study psychological phenomena, as well as the strengths and limitations of each.


The aim of psychology department is to preparing professionals at graduate level in the discipline of psychology, i.e. educational, organizational, clinical, counseling and community development to achieving the national goals of progressive and sustainable society.


The mission of psychology department to ensure that the students are aware of the nature, origin, history and scope of Psychology as a modern discipline and its relationship with other sciences.


Programme of study

  • BS Psychology (4 Years Programme)

CURRICULUM OF PSYCHOLOGY FOR Bachelor Studies (BS) 4-years

(Semester System)



Lay out of the B.S (Hons) Courses in Psychology



Course Code  

Course Title

Credit Hours
1.       1 ENG-111 English-I (Compulsory) 3
2. PSY-112 Introduction to Psychology-I 3
3. PSY-113 History of Psychology-I 3
4. PST-114 Pakistan Studies (Compulsory) 2
5. PSY-115 Practicum-I 1
6. PSY-116 Minor/Related I (Statistics-I/Sociology-I/Logic) 3
                                                                                                                                    Total 15


7. ENG-121 English-II (Compulsory) 3
8. PSY-122 Introduction to Psychology-II 3
9. PSY-123 History of Psychology-II 3
10. ISL-124 Islamic Education (Compulsory) 2
11. PSY-125 Practicum-II 2
12. PSY-126 Minor/Related I (Statistics-II/Sociology-II/Philosophy) 3
                                                                                                                                   Total 16


13. ENG-231 Communication Skills-I (Compulsory) 3
14. PSY-232 Introduction to Social Psychology 3
15. PSY-233 Ethics in Psychology 3
16. PSY-234 Developmental Psychology-I 3
17. PSY-235 Minor/Related II (Physiology-I/Computer Science-I) 3
              18. PSY-236 Practicum- III 1
                                                                                                                                   Total 16


18. PSY-241 Communication Skills-II (Compulsory) 3
19. PSY-242  Behavioral Neuroscience -I 3
20. PSY-243 Applied Social Psychology 3
21. PSY-244 Developmental Psychology-II 3
22. STAT-245 Statistics for Behavioral Sciences-I 2
23. PSY-246 Minor/Related II (Physiology-II/Computer Science-II) 3
24. PSY-247 Practicum -IV 1
                                                                                                                                  Total 18


25. PSY-351 Research Methodology-I 3
26. PSY-352 Statistics for Behavioral Sciences-II 2
27. PSY-353 Personality Theories-I 3
28. PSY-354 Psychological Testing-I 3
29. PSY-355 Psychopathology-I 3
30. PSY-356 Behavioral Neuroscience-II 3
31. PSY-357 Practicum-V 1
                                                                                                                                   Total 18


32. PSY-361  Research Methodology-II 4
33. PSY-362 Statistical Package/s 3
34. PSY-363  Personality Theories-II 3
35. PSY-364  Psychological Testing-II 3
36. PSY-365 Psychopathology-II 3
37. PSY-366  Practicum-VI 1
                                                                                                                                   Total 17


38. PSY-471 Positive Psychology 3
39. PSY-472 Health Psychology 4
40. PSY-473 Educational Psychology 3
41. PSY-474 Forensic Psychology 3
42. PSY-475 Counseling Psychology 3
43. PSY-477 Internship (Counseling) 2
                                                                                                                                        Total 18


44. PSY-481 Organizational Behaviour 3
45. PSY-482 Mass Media and Communication 3
46. PSY-483 Clinical Psychology 3
47. PSY-484 Cross Cultural Psychology 3
48. PSY-485 Muslims‘ Contributions to Psychology 3
49. PSY-486 Internship (Clinical) 2
50. PSY-488 Internship (Organizational Behavior) 1

                                                                                                                                        Total 18