Chairman Message

Welcome to the Department of Electronics. The field of electronics have revolutionized the world over the last century. The development of fundamental theories in transmission of information in late 1920s and the invention of the transistor in early 1950s had changed the world forever. In the recent times, an exponential growth has happened in emerging applications, innovations, and system level developments in the field of electronics. Today, electronics and telecommunications act at a core technology for many other practicing industries.

We welcome industrial partners for long-term research collaborations in electronics, communications, robotics, and antenna design in the hope of solving their industrial problems in a consistent way, which is key for them to maintain sustainability and competitiveness in the long-term.

For our talented students, the Department will provides a challenging opportunity of getting exposed to real world problems of varying complexity, while also providing the necessary conducive environment, academic guidance, and technology support to help devise appropriate solutions by themselves for the benefit of humanity. We also encourage and empower our students, those who have the vision, self-motivation, and courage to create their own start-up companies based on what they learn and develop within their stay in the department.

Dr. Shafqat Ullah Khan

Head of Electronics Department

University of Buner