Logo of The University of Buner

The logo of the University contains a sketch of a Masjid of Syed Ali Termizi also known as Pir Baba). Pir Baba is a world-renowned saint and every year his shrine is frequented by thousands of people. On the top of the masjid in the logo lies Elum, a mighty mountainwhich has become an identity of Buner. The Elum lies on the west of Pir Baba at an altitude of 2800 meters, approximately.

Masjid, since the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) time, has always been a place of knowledge and education for Muslims all over the globe. A masjid, in fact, is a place where education of a Muslim starts. In the same spirit, the University of Buner is firmly committed to impart knowledge to all those who want to quench their thirst for knowledge without any bias or prejudice.
The two golden ears of wheat around the masjidsignify economic and agricultural prosperity, productivity and development, and reflect the resolve of the university to play its due role in contributing to the economy of the country.

The pointed star to the top left of the logo stands for the four provinces of the country—Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab and Sindh and the capital of the country—Islamabad. It thus represents unity among the people of the country.
The open book on top of the logo represents knowledge and education which the University of Buner is committed to spread. Similarly, the Arabic text قوّةالعلمُ meaning “Knowledge is Power” reflects the role of the University in promoting knowledge, teaching and learning, critical thinking, research, and community service to make Pakistan one of the developed countries of the world.

Green is the official color of the Universityand symbolizes growth, fertility, peace, and hope. The university is committed to keep the pace of development of our society on without any interruption in similar fashion as the green signal keeps the traffic going.The figure ‘2016’ represents year of the establishment of the University.