There is a common notion regarding the Office of Deputy Controller of Examinations (ODCE) that it performs like the other routine jobs, It is false perception among the masses. I think the ODCE, while using educational resources strategically, can play crucial role in academia. Analysis of the necessary parameters indicating the level of quality education being imparted, pedagogical methods and its impacts on the students in the form of results, is essential for any university to become the best.
I firmly believe in the fundamental principles of accuracy, honesty, quality and to use the authority. By the grace of Almighty Allah and unconquerable commitment of ODCE team, we have been able to construct the reliability and functionality of this dynamic and crucial department in a very short time. I am pleased that now the ODCE plays an important role in the strategic decisions of the university. It became possible due to the ODCE’s deep involvement and dedication in the examination matters.
At present, the examination team has set the goal to reshape its services. In order to achieve it, we have to show the highest level of commitment to facilitate all stake holders through the provision of our services and values. The examination department has already started working to achieve this end. I am pleased to share the information with all my colleagues in this regard. The examination department is working on a comprehensive examination rules/regulations handbook and will be completed soon. It will contain all the necessary information, SOP’s and flow charts needed to have better insight about the examination department along with its functions.

Mr. Muhammad Arshad Khattak
Deputy Controller of Examinations
University of Buner.

Deputy Controller