Chairman Message:

The importance of computer is an irrefutable fact. Besides its own diverse application domain, it has also been embedded in mechanical and electrical devices ranging from home appliances to space vehicles and creating a vast vacuum for opportunities. The startling advancement in today’s technology is owing to information technology so much so that, the word ‘’technology’’ alludes computer science. On the other hand, safeguard of national interest and information technology are inevitable concomitants; the more advance a country in IT, the more advance it is in every walk of life. The bottom line is that, no nation can survive and lead a graceful life without information technology.

In order to pursue the great ideals of our religion and nation, department of Computer Science, UoB, strives its best to subdue the super nova of brilliance and excellence by incorporating supportive, cooperative and multi-dimensional staff. It is ready to hold ground in face of the exigency of time and to challenge the threats posed by international dynamics by creating a robust team of young computer scientists by providing them conducive environment, state of the art laboratories, research-oriented learning atmosphere, and enthusiastic teaching staff.

Being the chairman of computer science department, students are welcomed to join this family of computer scientists. Let us prepare a generation that can meet the growing demand of the modern world, contribute in the national progress and prosperity and let us polish the land of pure with a manpower — stronger than steel and sweeter than honey.