Dr. Afzal Rahman
(Director of Sports)


Welcome to the directorate of the Sports University of Buner, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan.  Games are part of life.  This world is a playground and life is a game.  We have to play the game of life with all our energy and courage. Education is incomplete without games. The University of Buner not only delivers quality education in various disciplines but also caters to co-curricular activities to furnish talents of the nation. 


The Deputy Director of Sports University of Buner is overall in charge of sports activities. He supervises and coordinates sports activities inside as well as outside of the University. November last week is celebrated as sports week at the University. The Directorate of Sports also organizes Inter-Departmental and Inter-Faculty members’ tournaments of different games. The Directorate of Sports also organized Inter-Departmental /Hostels Tournaments of different games regularly and the students of the University are given opportunities to warmly participate in sports during the evening time. the Directorate of Sports also organizes the Inter-Colleges competition of males and females. This practice will inculcate the spirit of sports among the students on campus. The University of Buner also actively takes part in Inter-University competitions.

Sports Facilities

The University of Buner has the following sports facilities

  1. Badminton court
  2. Volleyball court
  3. Tug of war
  4. Table tennis
  5. Cricket ground

Contact: dsports@ubuner.edu.pk, +923339701013