Section Head’s Message:

QEC is responsible for promoting public confidence to give value-added education and enhance institute’s good-will, dignity of our teachers and ultimate welfare of our society and humanity at large. QEC, as a guiding force of quality, feel prime responsibility to improve quality in education to meet the global challenges. Our ultimate goal is to provide conducive environment to the students for effective learning.

In the present, QEC’s major contribution is to develop our human resource through conducting in-house training sessions, awareness seminars for the program team members, faculty and other related staff on the subject of Quality Assurance (QA)and preparation of self-assessment reports (SARs).

To ensure our compatibility with International Standards and to improve the quality of higher education, QEC strive hard to Project UoB as a great seat of learning both for national and international students.

QEC Overview:

The University of Buner has the Motto of,“nothing less than the best” and the same motto is discernible in any matter related to this institution. The Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) has been established on December 22, 2017.AssistantProfessor, Dr.H.Rahman was the first incumbent in chair and was given the additional charge as Director QEC.

Dr. Rahman has vast experience of working with the leading institutes/Universities of Pakistan including the prestigious Ghulam Ishaq Khan institute, Topi, Swabi. Hisacumen is making QEC as the benchmark for others to follow. TheHead of the department directly reports to VC.QEC ensures that Internal Performance Evaluation (IPE) is prepared andreport is submitted to HEC in time.


To Achieve Academic Excellence through Quality Assurance Mechanism in Line with the National And International Practices.


To Strive for Academic Excellence in Teaching and Research and achieving it by Benchmarking, Implementing Academic Standards and Integrating Quality Assurance Practices, dedicated to Teaching, Learning and Research.

Programs Conducted (Performance):

QEC activities during the period (2017-2021):

QEC at University of Buner (UOB) has so far followed the following distinct tasks;

  1. Feedback Evolution Mechanism.
  2. Teacher Evaluationby students
  3. Course Evaluation by students
  4. Self-assessment for individual Academic Program.
  5. Working of the institute.
  6. Minimum Quality Standards (MQSs) for departments.

Other Relevant Data:

QEC (UoB) has also done and is doing extensive correspondence with HEC for differentinstitution’s related pursuits. Some are listed for apprisal;

  • QEC intimation with HEC for NOC Issuance
  • Recent induction of five more departments to the tally of seven old departments.
  • Award of HEC Need-based Scholarship program
  • Other day-in day-out reach out to HEC for the uplift of the University.
  • In the wake of Covid-19 Pandemic, National Academy of Higher Education (NAHE), arranged an online teaching course for teachers, where QEC facilitated the faculty of University of Buner in registration process and taking the proposed classes on weekends.
  • Besides, in the face of the first wave of the pandemic, QEC devised SoPs for the general hygiene and awareness to be strictly adhered to, whilst taking In-person classes or exams to avoid any spread of the contagion.
  • QEC has also done a more than endure effort to provide for and facilitate the destitute students by undertaking and performing the following assignments, though out of its domain, in the best interest of the University.
  • Pakistan Baitul Mal(PBM) Scholarships disbursement 

Provincial Zakat Allocation Scholarships (PZA).