Dr. Akhtar Zaman (DSA/HoD Botany)
Email: dsa@ubuner.edu.pk

Sher Ali (Peon)
Zubair Rahman (Lab Attendent)

Director Message

The University of Buner highly values quality on providing its academic and administrative services in a high-quality manner for the benefit of our young. In order to align students and academia closely, the Office of Directorate of Students Affairs is important. Students can take advantage of a wide range of educational services, as well as programmes in the arts, sports, and culture, as well as non-academic services, through Students Affairs. The University values high quality in the provision of all of its academic and administrative services for the benefit of students because it is a service organization. On occasion, a student could believe that their treatment does not meet the standards set by the University’s formal procedures. In these situations, the university wants to provide a distinctly defined method for students to voice their grievances in a way that will offer documentation and accountability within the institution for providing a prompt reaction and resolution.


Maintaining discipline on campus allows for the holistic development and grooming of the students in a setting that is safe, healthy, inclusive, and supportive.


To develop co-curricular learning, encourage student leadership, improve the standard of student life, and advance the overall welfare of the campus community, we provide many programmes and services.


The Directorate of Students Affairs offers university students a supportive atmosphere for their many concerns. Its office is located on the first floor in Department of Computer science and serves as the initial point of contact for most common questions that prospective and admitted students have while enrolled at the University of Buner. The Staff has the tools necessary to provide students with efficient assistance and counselling. Here, representing counters and rooms have been set up to make it easier for children to voice their questions and concerns. The amenities consist of:

Academic Advising Services

Directorate of Students Affairs offers advice to students who have questions about their academics. Professional staff offer guidance pertinent to the student’s issues. To effectively and appropriately refer students, staff in the functional unit must be aware about academic possibilities, career pathways, support services, and financial aid. Academic questions pertaining to different courses and programmes are answered. Additionally, it entails educating the students with the University’s events and academic calendar.

Orientation for New Students

The Directorate of Students Affairs constantly extends a warm welcome to our students and does everything in its power to help them. Additionally, assistance is given to new students and pertinent details about policies and procedures relating to educational programmes and other support services are offered.

Co-Curricular Activities/Competitions

The University of Buner offers a range of sporting facilities, including fields for athletics, cricket, hockey, football, and indoor game rooms in the dorms. The corresponding sports offices are in charge of running the athletic facilities for both male and female students. Every year, interdepartmental, intercollegiate, and interuniversity competitions in sports including hockey, football, cricket, badminton, etc. are held for both male and female students.

Interdepartmental/Inter University Competitions

Co-curricular activities are crucial for developing students’ personalities, improving their communication skills, and boosting their self-assurance. These events are planned by Students Affairs all during the academic year. These extracurricular pursuits include of: Debate tournaments between departments or universities. Naat Khawani and Husan-e-Qirrat Competitions. Competition for bilingual declarations among all Pakistani universities. Delegation for the Interprovincial Student Exchange.

Field Trips/Tours

The university frequently receives a large number of students on goodwill missions and study tours from different other universities and institutions in Pakistan. To foster as much goodwill as possible between the visiting students and the university students, they are given boarding and transportation.


In University of Buner seminars are regularly offered to give students a professional understanding of what is going on in the world. Students are frequently invited to hear from experts from business and government who share their expertise and experiences with them, assisting them in choosing a career path. To encourage students’ interest in upholding their moral duties to society, workshop-related activities on social and sensitive themes are also carried out in partnership with other organizations. On noteworthy days like Kashmir Day and Independence Day, seminars are also organized for the professors and students on the campus.