Department of Chemistry


Dr. Najm Us Saqib
Assistant Professor/HoD
Dr. Haleem
Assistant Professor
Dr. Sara
Assistant Professor (IPFP)



Message from Head of Department

Department of chemistry was established in 2020. Chemistry is important for meeting our simple needs of living such as food, clothing, shelter, health, energy, clean air, water, and soil. Chemical technologies improvethe standard of life in several ways by providing new solutions to problems in health, materials, and energy usage. Thus, studying chemistry is useful in preparing us for the challenges ofthe real world. Among the central sciences, Chemistry helps in understanding the origin of life and the interaction of non-living things in suggesting ways to comfort the living. Background to chemistry is important and obvious for students while choosing to teach chemistry or to work in a practical industry such as polymeric materials, renewable energy, pharmaceuticals, preservatives, dyestuffs, or fragrances, etc. Furthermore, the chemists are frequently hired in a relevant profession such as environmental scientists, chemical engineers, materials science, medicine, pharmacy, medical technology, nuclear medicine, biotechnology, pharmacology, toxicology, paper science, pharmaceutical science, hazardous waste management, art conservation, and forensic sciences, etc.

The Department of Chemistry aims to contribute to a chemically literate society through teaching and research. Our goal is to enhance the research-based knowledge for the development of society.



Our VISION is to enhance the reputation of the University by high-class teaching, research, innovations, excellence, and discovery, that attracts the best students and faculty at the national and international level.


Our MISSION is to maintain a department that is viewed as equivalent to any in terms of its significance of teaching and research, and its quality of support, services, the learning opportunities, and the working experience it offers. Department of chemistry aspiresto the values of the highest academic and professional standard in regards to personal growth and excellence, teamwork, research, and innovations.

BS, Chemistry

Eligibility: Intermediate Pre-Medical and Pre-Engineering

Scheme of Study Bechlor of Science in Chemistry

Semester-I Credit Hours (Cr.H= 18)
Course Code Course Title Cr. H
ENG-111 Functional English-I 3
GEN-100 General-I (Logic & Critical Thinking) 3
GEN-101 General-II (History of Human Civilization) 3
BIOL-311 Functional Biology-I 3
GEN-300 Pakistan Studies 2
CHEM-311.5 Inorganic Chemistry-I 3+1


Semester-II Credit Hours (Cr.H= 18)
Course Code Course Title Cr. H
ENG-321 Functional English-II 3
GEN-322 General-III Social Psychology 3
STAT-321 Statistics 3
BIOL-321 Functional Biology-II 3
GEN-321 Islamic Studies/Ethics 2
CHEM-321.6 Organic Chemistry-I 3+1


Semester-III Credit Hours (Cr.H= 18)
Course Code Course Title Cr. H
ENG-431 English-III (Report Writing) 3
COMP-431 Introduction to Computer 3
GEN-431 General-IV (Philosophy of Science) 3
GEN-432 General-V (Principles of Management) 3
CHEM-431.4 Environmental Chemistry 2
CHEM-432.7 Physical Chemistry-I 3+1


Semester-IV Credit Hours (Cr.H= 18)
Course Code Course Title Cr. H
CHEM-441 Mathematics & statistics for Chemists 3
GEN-441 General-VI 3
GEN-442 General-VII 3
CHEM-441.1 Analytical Chemistry-I 2
CHEM-442.2 Industrial Chemistry-I 2
CHEM-443.3 Biochemistry-I 2
CHEM-444.8 Fuel Chemistry-I 2
CHEM-445 Combined Lab 1


Semester-V Credit Hours (Cr.H= 16)
Course Code Course Title Cr. H
CHEM-551.5 Inorganic Chemistry-II 3+1
CHEM-552.6 Organic Chemistry-II 3+1
CHEM-553.7 Physical Chemistry-II 3+1
CHEM-554.1 CHEM-554.2 CHEM-554.3 CHEM-554.8 Analytical Chemistry-II

Applied Chemistry-II


Fuel Chemistry-II




Semester-VI Credit Hours (Cr.H= 16)
Course Code Course Title Cr. H
CHEM-561.5 Inorganic Chemistry-III 3+1
CHEM-562.6 Organic Chemistry-III 3+1
CHEM-563.7 Physical Chemistry-III 3+1
CHEM-564.1 CHEM-564.2 CHEM-564.3 CHEM-564.8 Analytical Chemistry-III

Applied Chemistry-III


Fuel Chemistry-III




Semester-VII Credit Hours (Cr.H= 15)
Course Code Course Title Cr. H
CHEM-671.1 Paper-I-III each in the following specializations 3+3+3
CHEM-671.2 Analytical Applied 3
CHEM-671.3 Biochemistry 3
CHEM-671.5 Inorganic Chemistry 3
CHEM-671.6 Organic Chemistry 3
CHEM-671.7 Physical Chemistry 3
CHEM-671.8 Fuel Chemistry 3
Elective Course-I 3
Practical-I, In each Specialization 1
THES/CHEM-679 Thesis /Advanced Special Practical/Review article (Literature Survey) 2





Semester-VIII Credit Hours (Cr.H= 15)
Course Code Course Title Cr. H
CHEM-681.1 Paper-IV-VI each in the following specializations 3+3+3
CHEM-681.2 Analytical Applied 3
CHEM-681.3 Biochemistry 3
CHEM-681.5 Inorganic Chemistry 3
CHEM-681.6 Organic Chemistry 3
CHEM-681.7 Physical Chemistry 3
CHEM-681.8 Fuel Chemistry 3
Elective Course-II 3
Practical-II, In each Specialization 1
THES/CHEM-689 Thesis /Advanced Special Practical/Review article (Literature Survey) 2