Department of Management Sciences


Dr Fazli Wadood
Assistant Professor/HoD
Dr Haji Rahman
Assistant Professor/QEC Director
Mr Laal Zada
Miss Samina Rooh
Dr Mohib Ur Rahman
Assistant Professor



  Chairman Message

Welcome and thank you for showing interest in the Department of Management Sciences, University of Buner. Being the HoD of this aspiring department I am delighted to share that this Department is evolving in all possible ways since its inception.

We long to produce graduates, who can become business leaders by focusing on their entrepreneurial and critical thinking skills. It is a fact undeniable that the 21st century skills need unprecedented attention to make one able to face the challenges of this ever evolving and dynamic world. All our staff in the Department of Management Sciences strives hard to inculcate these skills in our students.

I feel confident that in coming years the efforts we put today will talk louder. Students will make us proud by doing marvelous jobs in every walk of life. Our graduates would lead successful careers ranging from being bankers, teachers, entrepreneurs, to CEO and CFOs of the organizations.

I personally believe stronger ties between academia and the industry is a key to success. We have MoUs with many organizations, who trust us and want to engage our graduates. However, we have yet to cover a very long distance as we have just started. The commitment of staff, the support of the management and the interest of our students are enough to make me confident that the journey may be long and tedious but not impossible.

I hope the day is not far away when this department will boastfully be standing in the line of elite business institutes of the country.

Together, we the UoB team,makes the department of Management Sciences suitable and a great place to learn and grow.

We welcome you and wish to help you succeed.


To become internationally recognized Business School to provide market oriented graduates to transform the world


Department of Management Sciences aims to accomplish quality to educate and develop leaders and enterprise builders to serve the society professionally.

Programs Offered:

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), 4-years Program


Semester Wise Breakup of Courses

Semester 1

Semester 2

Code Course Title Course Title Credit Hours
1. BA 321 Macro Economics 3
2. BA 322 Management 3
3. BA 323 Business Communication 3
4. BA 324 Principles of Marketing 3
5. BA 325 Business Statistics 3
6. BA 326 Financial Accounting 3

Semester 3

Code Course Title Course Title Credit Hours
1. BA 431 Fundamentals of Financial Management 3
2. BA 432 Organizational Theory and Behavior 3
3. BA 433 Islamiyat and Pak Studies 3
4. BA 434 Marketing Management 3
5. BA 435 Logic & Critical Thinking 3

Semester 4

Code Course Title Course Title Credit Hours
1. BA 441  

Computer Applications for Business

2. BA 442 Financial Management 3
3. BA 443 Business Ethics 3
4. BA 444 Human Resource Management 3
5. BA 445 Business Law 3

Semester 5

Code Course Title Course Title Credit Hours
1. BA 551 Managerial Economics 3
2. BA 552 Small and Medium Enterprise 3
3. BA 553 Business Research Methods 3
4. BA 554 Total Quality Management 3
5. BA 555 Cost Accounting 3

Semester 6

Code Course Title Course Title Credit Hours
1. BA 561 Quantitative techniques in Management 3
2. BA 562 Supply Chain and Logistics 3
3. BA 563 Operation and Production Management 3
4. BA 564 Money and Banking 3
5. BA565 Entrepreneurship 3

Semester 7

Code Course Title Course Title Credit Hours
1. BA 671 Management Information System 3
2. BA 672 Strategic Management 3
3. BA 673 Elective 1 3
4. BA 674 Elective 2 3
5 BA 675 Elective 3 3

Semester 8

Code Course Title Course Title Credit Hours
1. BA 681 Operations Research 3
2. BA 682 E-Business 3
3. BA 683 Elective 4 3
4. BA 684 Elective 5 3
5. BA 684 Elective 6 3
6. BA Internship 6

List of Elective Courses


  1.  Financial Accounting-I
  2. Financial Accounting-II
  3. Financial Management
  4. Money and Banking
  5. Islamic Banking System
  6. Corporate Finance
  7. Investment and Portfolio Management


  1. Sales Management
  2. Strategic Brand Management
  3. E-Marketing
  4. Industrial Marketing
  5. Principles of Marketing
  6. Principles of Marketing Management

Human Resource Management

  1. Strategic HRM
  2. Industrial Relations
  3. Human Resource Development
  4. Business Ethics
  5. Organizational Theory and Behavior
  6. Training and Development
  7. Organizational Development


  1. Operation and Production Management
  2. Strategic Management
  3. Industrial Management and Labor Relations
  4. Principles of Management
  5. Total Quality Management

Islamic Banking and Finance

  1. Islamic Banking and Finance
  2. Comparative Study of Insurance & Takaful
  3. Governance of Islamic Financial Institutions
  4. Islamic Microfinance
  5. Islamic Money and Capital Market
  6. Islamic Financial Accounting Standards
  7. Islamic Perspective in Wealth Management
  8. Management from an Islamic Perspective

Specialization Areas

  • Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing


  • Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) or Equivalent securing at least 45% marks in aggregate.
  • Interview


  • Each candidate for the BBA degree is required to complete at least 124 up to 140 Semester Credit Hours.



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