Dr. Afzal Rahman
Lecturer/HoD (HEC Approved Supervisor)
Dr. Rizwan Khan
Syed Ibrar Ullah
Office Assistant BPS-16




The Mathematics Department of University of Buner is one of the first few departments of the university. The Department is newly established as an independent department in August, 2021. It consists of highly qualified faculty members, most of them are actively engaged in research in the fields of pure and applied mathematics. The faculty members produce an impressive number of research papers in the international journals. The faculty members have research collaborations with the leading researchers of the foreign universities.

Currently the department intends to offer undergraduate degrees in pure, applied and computational mathematics. Our courses provide the fundamental mathematical methods needed to use this degree in real-world applications in finance, basic sciences and other areas of business.  Our mission is to contribute more towards the growth of students and scholars as good mathematical thinkers and to give society better citizens. To achieve our goals, we are trying our level best to engage our students and researchers into real-world problems.


To act as a leader in the advancement of Mathematics and promotion of Science and Technology in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in particular and in the country in general.


The Department of Mathematics embraces the general mission and goals of the University. Accordingly, the mission of the department is to offer high level training in both in Pure and Applied Mathematics to equip students with the requisite skills and knowledge necessary for research and teaching in academia. The department also has the mandate to provide requisite manpower needs in business, finance and industry, in order to help develop the discipline and also the nation.


BS Mathematics:

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Intermediate with Mathematics, securing at least 2nd division or equivalent in aggregate.

Scheme of Study

Details of scheme of studies for the BS (Mathematics)

First Semester
Course code Course Title Credit Hours
MATH-311 Calculus- I (3,0)
MATH-312 Elements of set theory and Mathematical  logic (3,0)
————— English –I (3,0)
————— Islamic Studies/ Ethics (2,0)
————– Physics-I (3,0)
————– Introduction to computer (2,1)
Total 17



Second Semester
Course code Course Title Credit Hours
MATH-321 Calculus II (3,0)
MATH-322 Discrete Mathematics (3,0)
————— English –II (3,0)
————– Pakistan Studies (2,0)
————— Physics-II (3,0)
————— Introduction to Statistics (3,0)
Total 17


Third Semester
Course code Course Title Credit Hours
MATH-431 Calculus-III (3,0)
MATH-432 Computation in MATLAB (2,1)
MATH-433 Linear Algebra (2,1)
————— English-III (3,0)
————— Economics (3,0)
Total 15


Fourth Semester
Course code Course Title Credit Hours
MATH- 441 Vector Analysis (3,0)
MATH-442 Ordinary differential equation (3,0)
MATH-443 Affine & Euclidean Geometry (3,0)
MATH-444 Computer Algebra System (2,1)
MATH-445 Number Theory (3,0)
————– Accounting (3,0)
Total 18


Fifth Semester
Course code Course Title Credit Hours
MATH-551 Algebra I (3,0)
MATH-552 Real Analysis I (3,0)
MATH-553 Integral Equations (3,0)
MATH-554 Topology (3,0)
MATH-555 Mathematical Methods (3,0)
MATH-556 Guest/Student’s  Seminar (1,0)
Total 16


Sixth Semester
Course code Course Title Credit Hours
MATH-561 Algebra II (3,0)
MATH-562 Real Analysis II (3,0)
MATH-563 Partial Differential Equations (3,0)
MATH-564 Complex Analysis (3,0)
MATH-565 Classical Mechanics (3,0)
MATH-566 Guest/Student’s  Seminar (1,0)
Total 16


Seventh Semester
Course code Course Title Credit Hours
MATH-671 Probability Theory (3,0)
MATH-672 Differential Geometry and tensor analysis (3,0)
MATH-673 Numerical Analysis-I (3,0)
PROJ-674 Project (3,0)
MATH-675 Guest/Student’s  Seminar (1,0)
MATH-6716 Mathematical Modeling (3,0)
MATH-6710 Modeling and Simulations (3,0)
Total 19


Eight Semester
Course code Course Title Credit Hours
MATH-681 Numerical Analysis-II (3,0)
MATH-682 Functional Analysis (3,0)
PROJ–683 Project (3,0)
MATH-684 Guest/Student’s  Seminar (1,0)
MATH-6811 Introduction to Econometrics (3,0)
MATH6817 Convex Analysis (3,0)
Total 16



Total credit hours for the BS Programme = 134