Jan 28, 2021: Meeting of the “Campus Development Committee” was held and presided over by Dr. Muhammad Farooq project director, other honourable members: Mr. Muhammad Islam (CPO HED KP), Engr. Waqar Ahmad (Manager P&D IMSciences Hayatabad Peshawar), Mr. Mahboob Rahman (Director P&D University of Swat), Eng. Sardar Asghar (Director Works Agriculture University Peshawar), Syed Luthfur Rahman( Director Works UET Peshawar), Eng. Aamir Rashid (Program Manager/Chief Engineer, NESPAK Islamabad), Mr. Ashfaq Ahmad (Chief Architect ACE Lahore), Mr. Haq Nawaz Khan (Director P&D University of Buner), Dr. Haji Rahman (Director, Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC), UoB), Eng. Muhammad Anwar (Deputy Director Works, University of Buner), Syed Nisar Ul Mulk (Deputy Director, Finance, University of Buner), while honourable Syed Naveed Shah (Director M&E, Higher Education Commission (HEC), Islamabad) and Mr. Faisal Saeed (Deputy Director M&E, (HEC), Islamabad) participated online.